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Unforgettable shows

We create unforgettable shows and choreographies with parkour and free running stunts is our speciality.
Collected over many years of training skills combined with broad experience in creating choreography turning into spectacular show which are remembered long.
The elements of parkour and free running are what each show is based on however you won’t miss gymnastics figures, acrobatics and stunts you have never seen before!
For the last couple of years we have been helping others during occasional workshops and classes for groups and individuals interested in the art of movement.

Sky Freerun shows


Eye catching performances for each of your event

Our specialties are events like:

  • occasional event associated with place or time
  • corporate events, banquets, exhibitions at the fairs
  • sporting events, competitions, dance festivals

Free runnng shows

Full of passion and commitment training workshops

Parkour training poznańWe conduct classes and workshops for children, teenagers and adults.
Beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Everyone can learn something and develop their skills while having a lot of fun in the same time.

We also run regular and open sessions for everyone who is interested in learning about parkour and freerun.

Parkour yam Poznań

Sky Freerun Flying carpet studio

Production of movie clips

To ensure highest quality of our productions we work with the best video producers associated with Parkour and Free running in Poland Flying Carpet Studio


Why us?

  • We have many years of experience in parkour and freeruning (5 – 10 years)
  • Several years of experience in creating shows, choreography and conducting workshops for different age groups
  • Each of us has a different base in sports (including acrobatics, taekwondo) which makes our styles highly diverse and unique in the Polish scene of parkour and free running
  • Parkour and freerunning are spectacular and still not so popular in the Polish media
  • We are well known and liked team on the Polish scene which validates our actions
  • Our awards:
    • Polish Champion in the category of Parkour Freerun 2014 in Białystok
    • Second place in Freerun competiton during Hip-Hop Raport Project in 2014 Ełk
    • Judging during the second Biskupiec Challenge 2014
  • Lidl trusted us 5 times

Trust us

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